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Information Technology
Repair Services

With all of the sensitive information you have on your system, don’t you think it would be best to have your computer or device serviced by a professional technician?

Make the W.I.S.E. choice. 

System Diagnosis

$ 60 flat rate
  • What does that include?
  • Evaluation of the error
  • Invoice of service to be performed
  • * Additional services:  $45.00 hr, unless otherwise stated  
  • Additional Services Include but are not limited to 

  • Deleted data recovery
    Device Configuration
    Network Repair & Configuration

System Refresh

$ 85 per system
  • What does that cover?
  • System Diagnosis
  • Software Configuration Optimization
  • Optimize Hardware Configuration
  • *Software Installtion is an additional service

Virus Removal

$ 100 per system
  • What does that cover?
  • System Diagnosis
  • Sanitization of recoverable data and programs
  • Investigation and report of incident
  • System restored to optimal working operation   
  • * Data Recovery is an additional service

Remote Repair

$ 120 flat rate
  • What type of repairs?
  • Slow PC Fix
  • Printer Support
  • Software Install

  • Before you will even be able to drive to a repair shop to you,
    we will have already resolved
    the issue and have your
    system as running as if new.