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Walker's Information System
Electronics & Technology 

Your real-world guide in cyberspace!

Why Choose Us?

Walker's Information System Electronics and Technology Corporation, exists
to provide certified information technology technical support and security oriented solutions for home and businesses users.


You are the first line of defense against becoming a victim of an online crime.

Do you have a plan?

      A large number of cyber-attacks occur due to instances where users are not aware of habits which invite attacks. Do you have a recovery plan when your system goes down or becomes infected? Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and support, enabling optimal and secure use of systems and networks. W.I.S.E. Technologies Corp can assist with the stable integration of networks, devices, and solutions to strengthen resistance in the event of an attack; and provide robust technical measures and service to get your system back online during recovery from an instance. 


We asstist with helping you protect your information technology investment with professional service. 

Is your IT posture as secure as you need it to be?

     There are times when it is best to tackle a problem by yourself. Then there are times when a problem you approach, grabs back. Often when repairing an information technology issue, or implementing a new solution, one of three things will be wasted: time, money or use of the technology. Professional service to your information technology investment optimally maximizes secure operation and goal achievement. Make the W.I.S.E choice. Our company values confidentiality, reliability, and integrity; we are an experienced and dedicated agency established to provide innovative technology service and solutions. 


We can help make technology securely work for you.

Anyone can make it work, but will it be secure?

    We offer a wide range of products, associated services, and experienced solutions to make Information Technology work for you. Whether it’s the development IT plans for your future business, executing a secure network environment or designing an observation strategy to protect your valuables; our trained and certified professionals can assist with channeling your plans into actualization.  


We put the power of having a professional Information Technolgy staff in your hands. 
W.I.S.E. Technologies Corporation, your real world guide in cyberspace!


Virus removal

Device Repair

Data Recovery

Device Configuration

Network Diagnosis

OS Installation


Camera Installation

Surveilance Planning

Network Integration

Surveilance Repair

Counter-surveilance Products


Disaster Recovery Planning

Risk Assessment Planing

Compliance Strategy Planning

Web-Presence Design/Production

Automation Integration Planning





Networking Devices

Mobile Communication Devices

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